About Céline

People say business isn’t personal. But it is – or it should be anyways.

About Céline

People say business isn’t personal. But it is – or it should be anyways.

It’s absolutely possible to build a strong and (wildly) successful business in a conscious, intentional, and human-focused way – and I’d be delighted to help you do it.

I’m Céline Williams, Founder and Chief Strategist here at reVisionary. I help entrepreneurs and conscious companies evolve and reach new heights, with purpose and a human focus.

For entrepreneurs, I do this through individual coaching, small group masterminds, and online programs.

For companies, I offer completely custom solutions based on your organization’s specific needs, goals, and challenges. I specialize in leadership assessments, workshops (for groups of all sizes and levels), and providing the strategy and support for intentional, impactful, human-focused change.

I am also a keynote speaker who motivates groups large and small on a variety of topics related to culture, communication, and emotional intelligence.

My unique background (see below) and approach allow me to see every business – and every person – from all sides.

I’ve been called a ‘medicine woman’ for my ability to tap into – and really understand – all aspects and layers of my clients and their businesses. To me, this – along with a solid foundation of trust and rapport – is critical in order to go beyond the obvious and create lasting change that’s aligned with your values and feels good in your bones.

My story

I caught the entrepreneurial bug early. Immediately after graduating from the University of Toronto, I started my own tutoring service and went on to create an SAT program for athletes wanting to qualify for scholarships in the United States.

One summer, when things were quiet on the tutoring front (turns out students don’t love going to school in the summer!), I took a three-month contract in the corporate world… that ended up lasting more than 10 years.

During that time, I held a variety of progressively more senior roles – almost all of which were people-focused in some way (HR, change management, and stakeholder engagement). I learned a ton about business – but my biggest take-away (which ultimately led me to where I am today) was that most of us are looking for more joy, fulfillment, inspiration and connection in the workplace.

I knew there was a better way to do business and build success – and that I could create it. So in 2014 I left my corporate role and started reVisionary. I worked mostly with start-ups and entrepreneurs at first, and have grown from there to serve all kinds of organizations in a variety of industries.

I feel strongly called to help people understand and break down the beliefs that are holding them back so they can think, show up, and operate differently in the world. Because when you do that, anything – truly anything – is possible.

If you’re ready to do things differently and reach new heights, I’d love to chat. Please feel free to reach out and book a complimentary strategy session or email me. You can also read a little more about my services for entrepreneurs here, and how I work with people-focused companies here.

Among other awards, I have been recognized as one of the Top Executive Coaches by Coach Foundation.