Here’s a taste of what it’s like to work with reVisionary, in the words of some of our past and current clients:


Here’s a taste of what it’s like to work with reVisionary, in the words of some of our past and current clients:

“If you’re looking for honest and insightful help with your business I definitely recommend Céline… She was able to hone in on my business goals and needs, and gave me great new ideas and actions for my marketing.”

Sonya Highfield

Founder & Chief Creative, Real World Creatives

“What I most appreciated about Céline was her ability to ask powerful questions and give me the space to fully reflect on the answers. From our first coaching call her well-honed coaching skills were apparent. In a just a few weeks I gained a new perspective along with valuable tools that lead me to an exciting action plan for my future business. I looked forward our each of our calls and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.”

Natalie Currie

Professional Coach, Facilitator and Speaker

“Céline is very direct but still focused on my needs. Unlike other coaches that focuses on using one approach in helping the clients, she uses different approaches with the objective of helping clients to break through the boundaries.”

Catherine Wong


“Céline is outcome-focused, encouraging and an excellent coach. She held the coaching space firmly, yet delicately balanced her approach between powerful questions and reflective listening. She asked short, powerful questions while providing plenty of space for me to engage in articulation and thinking. Céline displayed credible insight and understanding of professional and corporate issues. Céline is a great example of an outcomes – based coach that facilitates her client with flexible direction and encouragement. She sets the benchmark in asking succinct, powerful questions, complemented by intent, focused reflection. Céline was pivotal in helping me make deliberate decisions regarding matters I was dealing with at the time.”


Director of Organizational Development

“Céline is fantastic at helping others thrive. She did an extremely effective job at getting our Fellows to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as to develop heightened emotional intelligence. We would not hesitate in recommending Céline.”

Scott Stirrett

Executive Director, Venture for Canada

“I highly recommend Céline as a coach. She has a warm personality and you feel that she is rooting for you succeed. In a session with her she will listen, help you find the areas that would have the most impact to work on and challenge you to ensure you are set for success.”

Judith O’Neill

“Céline is professional, thorough, creative, dynamic, compassionate, championing, insightful, and grounded. She held the space for me to talk myself into understanding what was going on for me. Through our work together, I came to realize that it’s okay to follow a marketing program, but to do it from the inside out and be authentic. I will now bring my unique voice to my marketing message and know that it will be much more compelling. I am happy to report I now have more clarity about what to focus on in growing my business, and what to let simmer on the back burner for a while.”


Coach and Entrepreneur

“Céline is tuned in and very observant, providing relevant perspective and practical feedback. Céline was able to add perspective by being tuned into the energy of my explanations, the tones and intensity of my statements were articulated back to me adding clarity and possibility to my experience. She is a great listener. Céline helped me to remain grounded during a difficult and unforeseen professional change during the course of our sessions. She helped me to make important decisions about which career move would be a best fit for me. Because of the dialogues with Céline I was able to move forward with greater ease and confidence.”


Real Estate Agent

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